Friday, September 30, 2016

Be Flexible enough to change plans

Due to the Loma Fire which is in the hills near my abode I had to change my plans this weekend.

trust me I do not like to change my plans but the alternative would have been a weekend spent watching video cams of the firefighters

Random Question ? Why What Where When How

So this series kickoff for Random Questions came out of the blue literally that happens when you are out and about. 

So totally not scientific or correct just random as is the wind blows and the grasshopper that follows 

Q: The Fifth W in the Query of Who, What, When Where instead of How is 

A. Can't tell you its top secret and I'm already in trouble with my dentist. 

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Go Here : Underground New York City

I admit if I was not on the Pacific Coast of the US I would be on the Atlantic side most likely New York 

Let's see there be a huge amount of free events including going to Exhibitions at Agora Gallery 

Then I would spend the weekend at the ADFF ( Architecture and Design Film Festival ) 

I would spend a small fortune in the opportunity to end up at the Second Brownstone Poets Anthology Event at Park Plaza Restaurant 

Let's face it that is about all I could afford to do on my own 

Random Question : Why do dogs bark in the middle of the night

Random Question a new series you will see in this space for the next 6 months ...keep an eye out as these are totally random unscientific and probably wrong 

Q: Why do dogs bark incessantly at night ? 

A: Because the same reason why you can't do a crossword in ink. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Bonus Post : A Day at The Cat House on the Kings

Blogs I don't read anymore

While there are lists out there to tell you how to start your day and books that will make you smarter no one does a list of who they don't listen to anymore.

Well, here is my list ...

Drink Wine Here : If I was in Indianapolis

One city I have briefly flirted with moving to is Indianapolis. 

One reason is there is wine events there so if I was in Indianapolis I would drink this...

My second home would probably be at Hopwood Cellars just because on October 4th they pair wine and halloween candy. 

I might be more artistic because of the paint events at The Sinking Ship II with Neal Artistry and ABC Paint Party Plus it would be a great way to start the weekend on Wednesday October 12th 

Then if I wanted to learn more about wine I would end up at the Corner Wine Bar for their monthly series of tastings on October 26th with Classically Cool. 

Random Question : Ice melts there too

Hey random question appears here randomly but for the series kickoff I am doing a weeklong series for it. 

Q: How can ice melt in Alaska if its below zero? 

A: Same reason water doesn't boil when you watch it. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Do This ! Baltimore Maryland Go Be and Do This

I have not moved out of Oz yet but, that does not mean I do not look at other places to live with wild excitement and abandon. 

I pretend I can go anywhere and everywhere courtesy of the internet. Fortunately, I am not in Baltimore but if I was I would do the following events ...

First this Friday September 30th I would go to probably my favorite hotel the Lord Baltimore Hotel where I would hook up with the Women Entrepreneurs of America  local chapter fall business summit. 

I would probably have to a be Baltimore Ravens fan too which means I would go to have Dinner with Scott Garceau and Jeremy Conn on Thursday October 13th...granted I would go totally to find a man to marry but hey I know pigskin too. 

Then on the weekend I would be into Mushrooms well Mushroom City Art Festival on Saturday October 22nd Check it out

That was Quick! Loved+Blessed subscripton box

As a few people now know I had a difficult summer complete stressed out and I had stopped some of my subscriptions but I got renewed for the fall.

Loved+Blessed do a great job with the resources that they have. Also they sent my box quick less than a week later I had it.

The theme is different as the months go but honestly the products are worthwhile the investment in yourself.
Simple quality and sturdy I really appreciate these items and share them when I can.

Recently, I lost a friend and I thought about the fact I sent this person Loved+Blessed items did they know the value that they have and how I tried to value them? It speaks volume when someone can not say thank you.

So I say Pray for them is good too! You don't have to share your blessings even if you only spend $10 a month on the items that help you get the day going !

Random Questions : Why don't fat people float away ?

New Series with random questions that are just very very random as there are mud pies made for human consumption. 

Q: Why don't overweight or obese people become flat due to the amount of gravity needed to keep them from floating away. 

A: The same reason sharks swim in their sleep.