Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dogs need Food and YOU!

Last year September 391 bloggers wrote about the program and with each post, Pedigree donated 20 pounds of its Healthy Longevity dog food to shelter animals. In all, 7,820 pounds of food was donated to two shelters known across the country for their dedication to the care and re-homing of senior dogs:Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco and Castaway Critters in Harrisburg, Pa.
If you do not know already I adore Muttville so could you can help out too! 
Hence why I am writing this post about Peanut and Paris and Pierce three dogs who made my days brighter. 
Peanut I picked up the spring after getting hit by a car and I was circling the drain so to speak I had no need to get out and try to walk. Peanut made me do that. 

Paris, There I was downstairs in the hallway closet with a 20lb dog listening to the tornado sirens and Paris was taking it in stride. 

Pierce. I thought camping would be good, just me and my dog. Raccoons thought it was fun too. Pierce was ever so fierce as the middle of the night the masked robbers thought it would be good to stop by for a snack. In particular Pierce's bone. He wasn't the sharing type but he was my dog and the best friend to have. 

Yes, there are 4 million dogs that wind up in shelters and breed rescues each year. I was fortunately the guardian for three. 

Please note the Pedigree Foundation has been raising funds to help shelters operate, but to further shelter innovations.

Please check out Muttville and here is the link for Pedigree  next you can check out the e Dogs Rule Gear at where the proceeds go to the Pedigree Foundation to help loving dogs find a home.  
So let's get 10,000 lbs of food for dogs this year because Peanut and Paris and Pierce were all great shelter dogs that were the best and yours is waiting for you too! 
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