Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning w/ Dogs and horses

I was and probably still am one of the first to get up on Christmas Morning in my family. I am considered the neurotic one about the whole holiday. I could not wait to see the presents under the tree and the goodies to eat. I did not understand what my parents meant to be quiet because they spent the entire night trying to fix a bike.

I remember the smells and sounds the glass pitcher with orange juice that always appeared on Christmas morning. My mom always found a set of morning buns to be noshed on.

The ribbon candies and the peppermint candy canes and oh how my stomach would ache.

These sights and sounds would be enhanced with extended family members from my brother in law to my nephews but the constant remains the family dog has a bow ontop of his head.

The horses of course had their Christmas too. We learned the hard way that horses like holiday decorations too so we had to cut that out ( Who knew a horse could eat a Christmas tree? ) but eventually they got hats and bows too and bales of hay.

After our mother past away my sisters and I inherited the task of keeping those traditions alive. My apartment literally looked like Christmas blew up and this was in the middle of July I had plates, decorations, cards, cd's ( I adore the Jimmy Buffett Holiday CD now more than ever ) along other airplane and horse items.

The world keep rotating and traditions keep evolving..and I hope you and yours are safe and happy.

Merry Christmas
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