Thursday, December 22, 2011

I am 43 reviews shy of 500 on Yelp...let's see where I can go...

Ok this is serious I am trying to get to X number on Twitter and now 500 Yelp reviews. I need to go to 43 places in the next 10 days...Help!

I am starting to think of reviewing all the Subways in town that would take just a few hours going up and down Homestead and Stevens Creek

Then I could do all the Starbucks in downtown San Francisco that is what three hours and 10 Starbucks in a four block radius ... can I include the ones in Barnes and Noble too?

After that I think I would have to do the Targets yeah ...There is a few I haven't been too and I have gas..

Oooh I could review my favorite gas stations too!

Then of course there is the Pacific ocean and shops on the wharf... oooohhh I have an excuse to go to Cole's Barbeque now ! Whoo HOOO!

Plus that is like 43 tweets too ...awesome !!!

I need medication...
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