Friday, December 23, 2011

The next four days... may you find peace and be blessed

Today I am technically off from work but I am thinking about it still...while I am sure you are busy too here are a few recaps from the past years holidays

Dieting before Thanksgiving

So how is that Diet going?

Yes, the day before we stuff our faces with more turkey than a Presidential Debate in February I am going to type up about Dieting. You see in January because of some old antiquated hubris we simple farmers fast in order to lose weight or we join a gym or eat only grapefruit.

Well why wait till January when you can start today...I readily admit that I should be on a treadmill like a hamster but if I got that bored to start going in circles I'd be an elected official or a race car driver.
So what should I do ...invest in liposuction? maybe do what my sister did and invest in my weight really the betting person if you know what I mean.

Or maybe I should finally get that tooth taken care of and get my mouth wired shut. When I was beyond stressed out over a horrible situation I lost weight incredibly fast, but that may trigger something worst than weight loss.

So I can go back to fitday and I can try to remember to wake up early because I do love that and I can...try..because really..what else should I do.

Wait for January ?

Halloween 2010 should not have been scary except for the fact that I was already writing holiday cards

Happy Halloween Eat some candy for me :)

Did I tell you I have been having horrible nightmares of late. No. really its bad. Very vivid dreams that turn into the stuff that makes me scream out in my sleep and wake up housemates.

So, I hope you have a Happy Halloween.

I am signing holiday cards as I type this....that is scary thought isn't it.

Only 55 days till Christmas!

Saint Valentines Day always reminds me of this guy I met who was born on St. Valentines day

Some places could use a little heart!

While Saint Valentines Day is near I thought of a few places for you to use your love for...just because I adore them too...

Check out ( is a great site you can make a difference (

The Go Red Campaign is in full force so check it out (

and on Saturday you can learn about a great school because Heffalump Preschool is havingin an Open House on Saturday, February 14, 2009, 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM located at
3990 Ventura CtPalo Alto, CA 94306(650) 856-4321 for free

OPEN HOUSE FOR FALL 2009 ENROLLMENT:Come and have refreshments, do Valentine's Day crafts, and learn about Heffalump. Mark your calendar!

Lastly, give a little bit to The Health Trust which has great programs just for your heart!

Apparently I was having a Happy New Year...until I realized I was late...

Happy New Year's

2008 ....only 10 months and 3 days to go....Patricia For Campbell

I am ready to serve

I believe in Campbell

Campbell is my home

Sincere BEST WISHES for 2008!

12:18PM 2008 Jan 1, 2008

Gotta love it..21st Century....


Apparently even politicans don't sleep or the people who read this blog....

Gosh darn it all to hell...but it was actually 12:18 AM (are you happy now????!!!) and Yes it isn't technically 2008 until Hawaii turns wishes to that Mayor of ess eff..gavin something or is now 12:49 AM Pacific Standard Time another three hours to go until Hawaii can say adidos to 2007 ...

Good Luck!

...and for the 3! Three people who told me I had the wrong time posted....sheesh!

Love Ya! thx!
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