Saturday, December 31, 2011

Really you must try this...honest last post

There is a lot of people I would like to thank for reading this blog and as it moves over to the next tab and I start video posting there is one thing that has surprised me the most...


Seriously people want to know about food from growing it to eating it. I am not a good foodie but there is one treat that always seems to catch people off guard after my whiney chicken...

Champagne and Popcorn

It is delicious together just like Chardonnay and Saltines ( no? ok I admit I have done that when I barely had anything else but I think you get my point)

I have made trying all sorts of champagne with popcorn an art form.

I am now fledgling to make popcorn pop more with black & red peppercorns and white truffle oil to be sprinkled with Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt....sounds delicious doesn't and trust me that would be good with say a Delamotte or even a J Chardonnay sparkling wine.

The biggest thing I am trying to figure out is why doesn't blue popcorn kernels turn blue popcorn? Trust me I was disappointed by the red ones not turning red.

Oh did I tell you about the garlic butter kettle corn popcorn experience it was actually very very very good then I opened the smoked salmon and had some rose barefoot champagne...yeah it was a bit too much but better than say a prosecco.

I have a thing for trying spanish sparkling wines and I have yet to find a reallty sweet one most are very strong forwards and zap your taste buds out with a lemongrass like flavor.

Of course, I could always try tequila and popcorn...uh oh...can you say trouble any faster?

So as you countdown do think about doing something different

Here is my last blog post...
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