Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Why blog and why post at all?

In 2007 I started this blog as a platform for my campaign to spread the word of my ideas and plans for Campbell. I had a little hesitation because my family is private. I would be exposing part of my family to political world and I slowly recognized why my father didn't hold many public seats.

So I was asked why are you blogging at all? First, it is a soapbox simply put a virtual soapbox. Second, its a placemarker telling people I am indeed alive and well and somehow very important. Thirdly, a hobby. Yeah, I did not know blogging could be considered a hobby but apparently it is also an employment opportunity.

All the same I never proclaimed to be the best blogger out there and by far I never entered a lot of blogging items. The farther I went was adding AdSense and keywords. Not really a lot more than that on this blog.

It has come to my attention there are blogging events and blogging things to do which I may or may not do. It can be kinda difficult to flirt with blogging as an actual occupation but apparently you can get paid to blog.

I will look into it but so far ...last post is Saturday Dec 31, 2011....
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