Friday, May 4, 2012

Whoa this is New? Who Knew!

Ok kids, its true mid life crisis crap is going on with me so no video so to speak ...kinda sux for me not you bc you don't have to listen to me ramble but I am here to tell you something important because you need to know...

KLOUT is what's its about ( yes I am totally shameless- hello I blog!?!) so check this post out is for my Klout score to like sky rocket or something fantastic like that ...

Also here is the deal..I have decided to go back to 2013 ! Since 2012 is such a crappy year ...did you know Jon Stewart's contract expires this year and there is no news on who is going to replace him ...I am sad seriously ...the man knows comedy and trust me it ain't just politics. **extra side note you think Dennis Miller will replace him? ***

So, I am taking this time to get my mid life crisis over considering I would be better off claiming my social security now instead of twenty years from now...I am just figuring out a way for it to work because when I am sixty I doubt they will let me answer the I will probably dye my hair black ...yeah that's it ...retire now and start working again when I am sixty ...this is probably a good distinguishing sign I am already senile so enjoy your youth you won't get Social Security or medicare .....totally explains why there will be zombies medicare to stop the epidemic.

totally rock the klout people retweet this often
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