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Hi I am out of my funk and planning my summer around staying out of said funk. I will take a minute to tell you that we are all having mid life crisis and that is okay. Life can be overwhelming and while we humans feebly try to over come our hubris tendencies we usually just start them all over again.

So that being said as I said previously I am planning to come back to blogging Jan 1, 2013 especially if that Mayan Calendar thing doesn't work out ( on the other hand did you know there are criminals in Florida filing your taxes - boo yah no more taxes for me! )

What oh in fine tradition I think I should tell you some of those fun Summer things to do because why else are you reading my blog? Are you a zombie? Ok, without further ado here is my Summer what to do and where to go edition

Ok one way to get a Groove on is to listen to a lot of music and I adore KFog's Acoustic Sunrise and Sunset if just because it introduced me to a lot of cool music. So check out this event in Palo Alto
The Palo Alto City Council has declared Sunday June 17 as World Music Day.  World Music Day is a free music festival that takes place in cities around the world every year close to the Summer Solstice.  Now for the fourth year in Palo Alto, 50 professional and amateur musical groups will perform a wide variety of musical genres: jazz, pop, rock, classical, world music, choral, etc.  All performances are FREE and open to the public.  This is a fun and unique family event.  For more information, please visit

On Wednesday June 20th Connect with the best person to connect with because that is why you connect with them right? Check out Kristy Rogers amazing connects When people feel "safe" with you, their best tends to come out. There are two very different ways to inspire a sense of safety and most of us are only aware of one way-our way. Our default mode works well with those like us and can be unknowingly offensive to others. You will gain clarity and insight of the two modes so you can encourage others to be their best when they're around you.

$20 pre-registration | $30 day of & at the door | Free for PBN co-partners 

We look forward to connecting with you.

Kristy Rogers ~ 408-288-8484
So its the middle of June and if I had a dog he would volunteer too and the best place to volunteer ( really do I need to say it ? - Omg you are new reader ! Thank you! ) Check out OneBrick's Community Dog Walk in Palo Alto on Sunday June 24th...I would totally walk your dog for you!

Community Dog Walk!

Sunday June 24th 10am - 2pm
Mitchell Park, 600 E Meadow Dr, Palo Alto
Join in the fun!
Everyone gets a bandana and a "doggie bag" of goodies.
The first 100 registrants receive a free collar or lead from Lupine!
No dog? No worries - Signup to help run the event. We need people to help with setuprunning the event and teardown.

Did I tell you I use to play the piano. Yeah all my sisters and I. I actually liked to play the piano it was kinda fun for me. Well there is this Masterclass and how I wish I wish...oh just go trust me
The worlds greatest classical musicians gathering in San Jose for a celebration of artistic excellence

Silicon Valley Music Festival's Masterclass Series Presents:

Piano Masterclass featuring Christina Dahl
Professor of piano at Stony Brook University and guest lecturer at NYU, Peabody Conservatory, and Cleavland Institute of Music

Solo Participation: $100.00
Chamber Ensemble Participation: $150.00
(Financial aid will be available)

General Admission: $5.00
Student Admission: FREE (with promotional code SVMFSTUDENT)

Application for Student Participation is now open!


In July go where its hot so you can cool off when you get home or like me head to Paso Robles and check out a wine event there with Fireworks ( even though Fourth of July is on a Wednesday - go figure ) 
Join Cellar360 Paso Robles for a Fourth of July Celebration that is fun for the whole family at our biggest fireworks display yet. Reserve your seats at the VIP BBQ dinner or bring your picnic blankets and enjoy the marketplace of local food vendors and favorite Meridian wines as you build your perfect picnic dinner on the lawn. As always, live music & dancing will kick off the festivities and kids are invited to enjoy the Kids Corner's crafts and treats.

Another place to cool off is simply to go to SF and songwriters who will make the heat of the day melt away 
The Usual Suspects Songwriter Showcase returns Friday July 13.

This month features:

Scott Mickelson
Melissa Lyn
Robin Galante
Alex Jimenez

Host Alex Jimenez is using his monthly residency at 50 Mason Social House to showcase the amazing community of songwriters here in the Bay Area, and is honored to be sharing the stage with all of them.

By the way this event is totally cool because it is free

Something else is I have a serious relationship with the San Jose Giants Mascot its the only Monkey I want but you can easily find out why and because the San Jose Giants are so good you have to go check them out too ( nice jeggings - that is all I will say )

San Jose Giants vs Bakersfield Blaze on 7/31/2012 Tickets

Date/Time:Tue, Jul 31 2012 at 7:00 PM
Home Team:San Jose Giants
Opponent:Bakersfield Blaze
Venue:San Jose Municipal Stadium
Click here

In August head down to Monterey because it will be cooler and it will have a wine festival ( um hello wine yes! ) Meet the Winemakers, Discover and Taste Wines from over 40 Monterey County Wineries and 150 wines,  Enjoy live music provided by Red Beans & Rice, Indulge in great local food from the Barnyard Restaurants (see list below), and make wine purchases from our “Try and Buy” Wine Marketplace.
Taste Monterey Wine Country at this fun outdoor event!

Its true the way to make a million dollars here is simply make an App and fortunately there is a camp for that Starting Friday August 10th you can learn how to make an iPhone App This is a 3 day iPhone and iPad Application Development Class with a time commitment from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM each day. The only prerequisite to this class is a desire to learn, a MAC and an installation of XCode 4.3 The only problem you need to cough up $800-$2K ...( play the lottery ! ) Check out more here

Yes, I still go to the movies and you should too just not alone check out 

Ethical Culture Society of Silicon Valley on meetup its cool thing to do you know! 

Summer doesn't end on Labor Day here in Silicon Valley so check out the best festival after Labor Day ...Chocolate ( hello diabetics ! ) 
Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is excited to invite you to the annual, two-day chocolate celebration that has transformed into a true San Francisco staple. This year, we estimate over 40,000 in attendance over the weekend. Local vendors sample and showcase delicious treats that will delight any palate!

Ok is that enough for you? It at least tieds you over till October ..have a great summer and be sure to do something fun...
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