Sunday, October 28, 2012

No Sh*T Sherlock

I really should wash my mouth out with soap. Lately, I have developed a terrible potty mouth and trust me I am still childish in quickly apology and profusely rebuttal of my own swearing.

Given the fact ....and I do mean forensic fact the Internal Revenue Service has become part of my life I think swearing may be a real side effect.

Of course, while a "potty mouth" can be considered collateral damage for having a lot of letters sent to me by a government agency ...well its better than meningitis which can actually be caused by another government agency. The FDA being effectively cuckhold by the budget process hijacked by ostentatious politicians.

Was that too over the top for you? I can use smaller words.

Basically 144 people have contracted a very terrible disease that will kill them where 25 have already died because an agency ability to prevent such horrific incidents has been progressively handcuffed and overburdened that it can not effectively do its job prescribed by the origins given however utopian conception.

This reminds me of when a man was in SF giving away his sperm for free apparently received a letter to cease and desist.

Oh crap it was from the FDA why would the Food and Drug Administration be concerned about sperm when apparently they didn't have time to check up on steroid spinal medication?

I could see the Health and Human Services doing something about it ...or what else ....lemme check ...holy crap where is the USDA in all this ...wait if I am not correct they are actually doing work on and you should sit down on this..checking up on Zoos.

If you think donating to any political campaign would fix the government, whether you are democratic or republican you should get your head checked because each agency is so incredibly bogged down by (and I do mean literally) literal bullsh8t that it is almost nonsequential who you vote for or what is "legitmate rape" because in the end you have to deal with an someone who was hired to work for the public as part of a government agency that is really ...really not working at all.

So there is 9 million people out of work and 23 million underemployed ...I wonder if there is any openings available in say...the Food and Drug Administration? Maybe in New England?

Ok ...okay..alright I am being a little harsh but you have to understand in the past week alone I have received not one , not two but four letters from the IRS while this is my last post for the month of October and I am kinda excited about Halloween. I feel it is my right to grab my soapbox one more time and remind you to vote . I don't care who you vote for but vote and yes I completely admit the united states government is so screwed up that a lightbulb will remain broken until a bill passes you need to vote and be involved because trust me you don't want to get letters from the IRS.

See you in December...

By the way I totally figured out why the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012...somebody forgot to file their tax returns...

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