Sunday, October 7, 2012

Parchment Paper

Hi Kids, Family Members, and the occasional Spam bot :)

Yes, its time to get back to my blog so incase that whole Mayan Calendar thing doesn't work I will go back to daily blogging. Trust me I have a ton of stuff to share with you so every Sunday this month I will practice posting ...its really hard blogging. Really.

So you should know I do not have kids, I actually am coming to the realization that I will not get to have children. Yet, when I go to any health professional I get the 300th question "are you pregnant?" Dentists, Genealogist, Podiatrist, or 1-800 WebMD Health Nurse. I had to start answering the question because when you are the phone with a complete stranger trying to find out if your eyesight is being impaired by an undiagnosed Brain Aneurysm and the sweet mechanical sound prompt asks "Are you Pregnant?" I flipped and instead of gutteral denial I said "yes, puppies" the robot on the other end proceeded to put me thru a prenatal recording tree including a ten minute lecture on the benefits of listening to instrumental wildlife soundtracks while your baby is in the womb. Whale Songs combined with flute playing apparently calms you and your baby by lowering your blood pressure. I now have Whale Songs Station on my Pandora One subscription when I get stressed out at work and surprisingly all I get is the incredibly urge to go pee. So basically, I am not pregnant, no chitlans, no proud offspring running circles so you know I am bored.

Well, I don't stay bored for long...I went and enrolled into Business and Finance classes because nothing is boring about that or spending 10 hours a week trying to learn in a compressed 12 week course. Yeah, when I paid closely to $500 I sighed and said "I can do this!" Then my stomach dropped 50ft down "What did I just do ? " "Why does a text book cost the same amount as my class?" "Am I the oldest student here?" Forgoing sanity, I have completed two weeks and somehow I am okay, my head is still attached to my shoulders and I think I see a glimmer of the future ( winning lottery numbers? No,college bill ) I am fortunate enough to be able to pay for my education.

So that brings us to the point of this post, there is no if its a when, when there will be no financial aid in the future for students ...not just college but let's face it every school district in the nation is facing less than diginified budget cuts from kindergarten to Senior year;teachers, janitors, school boards decide if tenure matters or if a foreign language class will be 55 minutes or 45 minutes long so here is your turn because before a child can grow to get that fancy piece of parchment paper with their name inscribed with black pigment ink.

Try Alaska!

Wanna go to Hawaii! Donate here first to help someone at school

Georgia peaches don't grow on their own

Basically, support your schools its the future that we are talking about not just some piece of parchment.
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