Sunday, October 21, 2012

Remember Champagne and Popcorn?

Well, I guess you should know by now that I repeat topics like an ESPN schedule on a slow news days. That is not to say I haven't changed a bit...or I am not changing enough or ..well I could have writers block...typing up a blog? (is that even possible?)

Let's see I now have a solid relationship with the Internal Revenue Service that is different.
Granted the relationship is completely dysfunctional and the IRS can't bother to show up for dinner but will send me a letter all the same. I laugh at the little love notes the IRS sends me because I know I am validating someone's paycheck somewhere somehow.

Hey! That Makes me a Job Creator! Boo Yaa!

Now I have to get ready for when Mitt Romney calls me ...where is my binder?

*Bada Bump*** I am here all night ladies and sure to tip your waitress!

Yes, I still try to be ironic, sarcastic, or is it just the cynic I have grown up to be, considering I am counting a harassing relationship with a Governmental Agency an actual romantic one ...yeah I gotta work on my humour.

Let's see what else is different, I am older and I feel it that is kinda a problem because I avoid going to the Doctor like... well the plague. I guess I don't understand or appreciate the exact 20 minutes a medical professional to tell me they have to send me to someone else for this malady but they won't tell me about the other maladies or well let's just say the one thing that bothered me about the last time I saw a Doctor ...She took a call while in the room with me.
Yeah I had an abscessed tooth and she needed to make reservations at Le Papillion for her date later that week.

Unfortunately, that is an actual true story.

Yes, I have Kaiser, how did you know?

Oh another thing that is different is that I am slowly cleaning stuff out. In fact I have given away the old "fake burberry" dress. It was traumatic and I do miss it but one thing that outfit did was make me look old and well if its a fake burberry I might as well let someone else enjoy it.

Yeah that is not really new is it? Me giving stuff away ...

Oh! I totally forgot I learned something really new..I walk by an elementary school on my way to work and for the past year I have heard what sounds like a Pterodactyl in the morning or just one very angry Cockatiel.
Lo and Behold there is no bird whatsoever...its a "distress call" to keep the Canadian Geese from nesting on the school yard.

I wonder if I can borrow the recording to see if it works on the IRS?

I will stop harping on the IRS as soon as it starts sending me flowers instead of letters.

Finally, the entire point is the Champagne and Popcorn. When I was unemployed or underemployed ( take whatever view suits you ) I made a great discovery of Champagne and Popcorn. That discovery has not stopped in fact, black pepper to Wine vinegar has prompted a whole new era of Champagne and Popcorn. I have told a few others and even at one point thought of opening a beat cafe titled Champagne and Popcorn where every night we'd do open mike.

Oh and the door fee becomes a donation for a different charity every night!

So you must be wondering what I will ask you do to or give to this week...nope but you should spend some time at the following shindigs to make your own creations

Check out San Jose Kitchen Rental Whether its a cake class or you want to practice making beer infused chicken you can rent the kitchen and get to cooking

The San Jose Eagles Hall has an awesome kitchen too

Check out Campbell's own Mr. C Catering and a cool rental kitchen

So get cooking !

See you next week where we'll discuss the value of ecards with gift cards attached!

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