Saturday, December 29, 2012

Almost a New Year!

There is a lot to be thankful for the past year but to really truly celebrate the New Year one must have Champagne so without further ado here is my guide to celebrating with Champagne and Popcorn.

The first part of celebrating with Champagne and Popcorn is you have to commit that you will not be outside at all during the night so get a book like War and Peace or a 500 pc puzzle.

Next, if you intend to have more company than a dog or birds you should probably get a board game or two. Something like Apples to Apples or Settlers of Catan really Jenga doesn't cut it.

Now, for your ambiance I have to insist on the Toast the Nation with NPR but any Pandora mix will do and if you have a mix cd of your favorites should work too.

Granted Champagne and Popcorn is not much substance so I recommend having quick foods on hand from olives to fine meats and cheeses but remember the deal is Champagne and Popcorn.

Yes, yes we have to consider the designated drivers and the staff so I recommend these fine non alcoholic replacements like Fre and Ariel but if you must grab some sparkling water and put it with white grape fruit juice and a Cherry from Tillen Farms and call it good.

So, now what to wear oh my I don't know but if you decide on a Pajama party because those are really a lot of fun set some guidelines for the rest of the adults having one couple show up in coordinating Joe Boxer Sleepware is always outdone by the couple that shows up in a questionable attire even if it is in Flannel

Your invite has been sent and you have your guest list, your pantry is stocked now what else do you need for a New Years Eve bash...dear me you need to see Martha Stewart or well at least some decent serving dishes and plates like paper plates to be used year after year but if you ask me a trip to Domus  doesn't hurt anyone except maybe your personal accountant.

Oh I know you need to know which Champagne goes with which popcorn...really have you just started to read my blog ...we should sit down and talk but the reality is that well I will tell you anyway.

Most people are stuck on popcorn from butter to no butter to Kettle corn let's get one thing straight popcorn is like a huge white canvas that you can literally turn into a work of art.

The Popcorn Factory can help you stock up on some quick giveaways for your party because we all know that the best popcorn is the freshest so invest in a couple of air poppers if you must or sacrifice a huge pot for your more exotic creations.

Orville knows you need kernels and so do I but if you head over to Abe's Market you will find some popcorn deliciousness including Quinn's Maple and Sea Salt from Vermont that is for the Microwave and yes I typed Maple like in the maple syrup you put on pancakes. Don't get me started on the different oils you can use on kernels like say white truffle oil or maybe a seaseme seed oil or while you can toss your popcorn with spices try adding chili pepper flakes to your regular vegetable oil and see the hint and scents come alive.

Basically, YOU NEED POPCORN for your Champagne and popcorn party to work.

Now the cava or the sparkler to your party mix. You need at least one glass of Champagne to qualify for the Champagne and Popcorn and trust me you want that glass to be great. Even if you indulge in Almond Wine you can get a cute 6pack at Wilson Creek and still qualify.

My favorites range from a dry Rose from Gruet to a Sparkling Wine from Buena Vista made with pinot noir and chardonnay grapes. I have had spanish wines and Australian wines and yet to really go back to my father's favorite Pouilly-Fuisse out of respect for those grand memories I have of my parents ooohhh and awwing over the bottle.

So there is my New Year's dish and don't you DARE forget to serve a couple spoonfuls of black eyed peas to your guest before they leave!

Have a great New Year!
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