Sunday, December 30, 2012

Articles Galore!

Let's face it if I even am able to post daily blogs then I am doing well. The fact is that one can pre post their blogs and have them all ready to go without blinking an eye. To that end I think I better prepare you for some regular titles and themes of my posts because I know surprising the Google Bot is more fun than family members.

Let's just say my relationship with the IRS will be effectively named My Significant Other. As the IRS seem to have this rather precarious relationship now where I look for their letters and they look for my payment. Its like prostitution except its legal.

Along with my relationship with a government agency I will look for love and so another regular article will be Love Right Around The Corner as I have been witness to some great love stories or I just overheard them depending on the situation

Thanks is definitely a recurring title and so is the original title Give Thanks where you usually find someone or something to give your money to because really if I didn't have any money how would the IRS and I ever get along.

Yes, I will still find great places and things to do in "What's Up" articles from the zoo to Zimbabwe

Liquid Love will detail my adventure in Wine where Animals will probably feature something about dogs, birds, and horses or just animals in general.

While Housing is kind of mute I will mention my trivial pursuit of said abode.

So I hope you still can take time to read my blog even if you are just family members just waiting still for my Christmas present that is stuck in Salt Lake City courtesy of the UPS wait isn't the IRS there too...gosh darn it!

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