Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012 Thanks I have to go see the Doctor and Dentist!

Well, its the end of a year of so-so nonblogging video or otherwise. Its safe to say I like blogging if just because of the trials and tribulations that I go thru need an audience and commercial breaks.

As it turns out I will go see a Doctor and a Dentist though neither are single and available I am repeating a theme from 2010 where I start the year off avoiding the Emergency Room but still seeing the hospital waiting room.

There are many other thanks and well wishes I would like to give and that will be forthcoming.

So if you haven't gotten your Champagne or Popcorn there is a sale on at 7-11 and a new Rite Aid just opened up.

Take Care and count your blessings.
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