Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hey Kids, We Made It!

So, its not quite Hawaiian time but I am calling it...the Mayans were wrong and I am gonna keep paying the IRS. That all being said I still hold firm a truth about humanity defying the preconceived notion of who is in charge thus humanity calling those powers that be out and well let's just say it may be raining but humanity time to shine is now.

There is so much adversity from senseless acts of violence to unknown depths of benevolence that my only acceptable explanation is Humanity itself versus the forces or powers that be...excluding the IRS.

I will give the IRS a break as I appreciate their work to generate funds for my humble young homeland of these United States of America.

So, if the Chris Carter forbearing Aliens do arrive later today that is ok because really what not a good story line without a few twists and turns.

Please take a minute to say a prayer for you and your loved ones because humanity is nothing without its humility.

I will go back to blogging which I can only wonder if the simple act of detailing my daily trials is tax deductible.

To all those out there, including you Google Spam Bot..Hey Kids, We Made It !

Now What?
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