Sunday, December 16, 2012


I went to work unaware Friday morning until I was told by a co worker.

There are no real words one can express on a blog how the senseless violence permeates ones self.

I still did what I did and went about my day praying for those and others.

My first thought was "how to help" and my second thought was "how to stay safe"

Nothing that no one else thought of either.

While I am aware of reactions from one extreme to the other is something media will do for us I would ask that they be quiet.

Silence the machine of media hyperventilation in order to make sense of the senseless.

I usually end my blog with links to nonprofits so today I will tell you about one nonprofit not a lot of people talk about.

Mental Health

From lithium to full blown bipolar the problem isn't a problem but an condition that needs a spotlight on it. In Homeland a tv series one of the characters has an mental health issue stated and it was Tipper Gore who once tried to bring to light that depression isn't a symptom but an actual condition.

The Soliders Project


A lighthouse


Worldwide resourceful

Simpsons springfield

The premise is that there is help out there for you or someone you know.

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