Saturday, December 8, 2012

So, What is in the Box?

I really need to lose weight its not like I am not trying but as a woman of a certain age when I purchased a pair of Lee's Pants with the advertising "Instantly Slims You" translates to me thinking "instantly makes you feel fat" really shouldn't be eating at Jack In The Box.

Seriously, for six bucks its a lot of food and granted all I ate today was two cups of Patricia's Mocha ( see recipe at the bottom ) and Kimchi Ramen Noodles the Box at Jack in the Box at 8 o'clock was considered reasonable risk ( rhyming may be a food comatose side effect ).

Of course, the nearly 2,000 calories of a cheese jack soudough sandwich, two tacos, a soda and halfsies ( regular and curly ) french fries is just well my comeuppance for now being totally wired and awake when I couldn't even open my eyes this morning.

Now, while that amount of food may gross you out think about it ...what if you are homeless or only have $10 and you haven't eaten in like 24 hours that one box meal is perfect and yet the very situation is something that faces many people every day. I try to help out but nine times out of ten I bare witness to someone who needs food way more than I do.

So, while the box may not have been the smartest choice for moi, for some people its their only choice.

Please consider your pantry for a minute and take a can out and donate it to a local food closet, church, or agency, even your library because the difference is one day you may be in real need of a box of food product too.

Oh, for the record, one reason I do eat at Jack in the Box occasionally is their corporate in the community with Big Brothers Big Sisters I hope you will take a minute and give too because if there is anything I know is that Big Brothers and Big sisters are very important to someone small

Now Patricia's Mocha is
1/2 cup of strong Dark Coffee
1/2 cup of Hot chocolate
4 T Soy Milk
2t Caramel Sauce
mini marshmallows optional

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