Sunday, December 2, 2012

That was Winter ? Yeah, Welcome to California

Do you know why California has such high gas prices? Its because aside from clean air we pay a small amount to have short winters literally the past five days was our winter, the storm has passed and the next five days will be a balmy 65 degrees with sun. Yes, there are no Tornado's or Hurricanes in California because really a flood warning will send us clamoring for State of Emergency faster then an order from McDonalds is served.

Yes, Yes, we have earthquakes but this is a really big state so a 4.5 is just like a vibrating bed at a motel and trust me we love vibrating beds here in California.

Seriously, the storm comes in and for two days max the storm leaves and its sunny, yes I even made Sand bags ....YES SAND BAGS but it was all for not because by the time we finished ten bags ( yes 10 ) we were told no worries the National guard was on alert and would come joke The National Guard!!!.

So maybe I spent an hour in the rain and got wet and amazingly I didn't melt but to keep in the theme of what is my blog here are some worthy stormy places to give to know incase you need the Red Cross sometime

Haiti is still recovering


Oklahoma because they help Sandy people too

Brad may have a unibrow in the Chanel commercial but he got it right in Make It Right

Granted that is just four organizations but if you need more send it in the comments...Im going to take a hot shower and use some bengay...yes I use bengay.

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