Saturday, December 1, 2012

Whoa! only 22 more days right?

Well, its December so let's recap what is suppose to happen courtesy of the Mayan Calendar, basically the planets align and the world turns upside down. There is some argument that this may happen on December 12 or December 21st either way I think the IRS is hopefully it will happen too. Honestly, all this talk of fiscal cliff the IRS doesn't want to deal with the AMT anymore than me. Alas, if on December 22nd when the aliens land, yes I have been watching the X-Files and yeah I could see it happening if Chris Carter writes it so its gotta be true. If the aliens don't land and the world doesn't turn upside down don't be too disappointed because I will go back to blogging full time Jan 1, 2013 which may actually be another sign of the apocalypse of the English / American language so spare me the horror of a misplaced comma or two or three its gonna happen if just to prove I am human.

There is a few milestones to mention, I have successfully return to school and I believe I am going to pass my class. My head didn't fall off and I learned something something. I did sell my red rocket but there is a blue PT cruiser that I

 am thinking about and really I am only thinking about it. I also celebrated one year with my employer for which I am eternally grateful for a paycheck that allows me to go to school. Oh! I did end my facebook account for numerous reasons but honestly I have so much more free time on my hands I got Nook with Penguin Pocket app that I don't really do much except watch them and my laundry.

So in fine tradition in case the fiscal cliff leaves you with an AMT here's some nice balancing nonprofits to prove you don't have money because you gave it all away

Check out InnVision and Shelter Network helping homeless

Check out Romp they are in campbell

Help some kids in Coco

Check out some Bread and Roses

See health better at Ravenswood (yes I totally picked this one because its got wine relation to it :)

What is LEED ? Find out here

Help our feather friends

See Foster kids differently

Kidango because learning should be good

If you just can not bring yourself to donating all your money (especially if you do not have a lot ) here is something to "chew" on so to speak:

Open your closet and look at your clothes is there a pair of pants that don't fit maybe a blouse that won't come clean or a hideous bridesmaid dress? Donate it today there is probably a Goodwill truck right around the corner.

Open your cupboard and see the cans from tuna to salad dressing, you know you don't want it and wouldn't eat it so take it and put said item in a barrel for your local food bank from Second Harvest bins in the lobby to those in the school hallways dropping of a can has just helped you lose weight.

See that stack of tools and newspapers in the garage you can recycle them yes indeed and donate them too! From the library to the tools at Salvation Army you make a difference even if you only donate one!

Thanks for reading we'll chat more tomorrow

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