Thursday, January 3, 2013

Animals : Peanut My Dog

If you do not know I had to put Peanut down in 2009 it was really sad to say Goodbye because he was just a happy dog literally he took to living with me and my crazy schedule so easily that I really didn't know what to do when I got home that day. Yes, I said goodbye to Paris too but he was and always will be my mom's dog as he was cute as a button and well very much Mom's dog to the point he knew when the microwave was opened.

Peanut was short for Peanut Butter partly because of his color and partly because he had this swirl on his back that looked like what you find when you open up a jar of Peanut Butter. I picked him up after realizing I was severely depressed from getting hit by a car in January 2005. I couldn't see daylight while it was still very sunny outside I had nothing to motivate me to get out of bed and well before I dived down that black hole I had to try to get back and one way was to go outside but there was nothing to get me to go outside thus I thought a dog would do it.

Peanut did exactly that and while it took me forever to figure out that he wouldn't go potty without me not looking he and I figured out that it was all okay. He was a great dog and endured a lot more turmoil than previous dogs I had been guardian or owner of.

Peanut was a trooper and decidedly adorable you see when I first got Peanut I only had my bedroom furniture consisting of a dresser, a storage chest and bed. The rest of my apartment was unfurnished. He didn't mind and came to find the bed was just fine. Later on, a mysterious set of furniture arrived and he claimed a chair and rightfully so it fit him. That year I also had a party at my abode to which I effectively grew a tail Peanut wouldn't leave my side and for that I adore him.

Oh the trials of living with me are probably more than well documented but I wasn't easy. Remember, I wanted to run for office and well not everyone loves dogs or dog owners. Remember, I was working inbetween jobs trust me day old bread is only good after the third slice and I made some questionable 5 bean soups but I am sure Cereal and dog food have a lot incommon as both are packed with vitamins.

I did get him some Cole's BarBeQue even though he couldn't handle the car trip over Hwy 17. Peanut was there and always good dog but it was the day I saw a woman in a four door black honda with it painted 4 Sale with a dog carrier in the back that I knew my indecision about Peanuts well being was selfish. So I did make my decision and still tears well up when I think about him but at the same time I know he is safe and sound elsewhere.

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