Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another change in TOS and Privacy

One day after the holidays I opened up my email to find a couple dozen emails stating the Terms Of Service ( TOS ) and Privacy controls had changed on not one, or two but six (6) emails informing me of revised, updated and /or new statements that are suppose to reassure me that whatever organization is behind said website, social network, web application is not trying to please me but the lawyers, the hypochondriacs, the manic depressive people that fear their privacy is being taken.
Unfortunately, there are the basics fact that if you are on the internet your privacy is toast anyway. Just plug in and lose your privacy that pretty much sums up the entire experience. No longer do you have to lose your virginity to lose your privacy to the world. Heck, even your social security is gone the way of the dodo bird there was no security in social.

So, I blog hence what Terms of Service and Privacy issue do I have...really I put labels on my post I am totally way more judgemental than you think for all my grandiose "give your money away" posts.

Yes, read the Terms of Service have you noticed there seems to be just generic stuff versus personalized information. Why do they not add in the truth like "Hey Patricia, we know you kinda have stopped using our application but remember when you posted your test results on the community page, we still have that information and will use it to sell advertising space - Thanks! "

So when you see another change in TOS / Privacy I dare you to reply and tell them the truth.


Oh a slight editors note here yesterday was the 8th Anniversary of being hit by a car and I technically made it. I went to work and got home just fine. Walking reminds me I will be okay and the ability to do so and its more than just an activity its a mode of transportation for me.

Granted, it has been EIGHT (8) years so I should be over it right except I still do catch the information about Pedestrian accidents what gives me hope is that more drivers are staying around to cooperate with police. Yes, I still feel my knee when the weather changes but the fact that I can walk is enough for me to remember January 21st changed in 2005 it was a clear blue day and I was making plans.

So, enjoy the weather.
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