Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fear is a funny little thing

Basically, I had this necklace and one morning I got up and to my surprise it had a knot in it. This necklace was one of my prized possessions and so I was really distraught over the knot as I didn't see it previously and I worried that the necklace would actually break.

So the necklace sat as I tried to pry out this knot. I didn't know how to get it fixed. Then a light bulb went off and I grabbed my eyebrow tweezers and carefully undid said knot. After patting myself on the back I did the second fear reducing thing.

I made an appointment with the Doctor.

I know with Kaiser you do not need to fret because they will miraculously make an appointment for you anytime you call. Yet, my previous experience was a haunting one and well I try to avoid Doctors by eating an apple a day but yet I think my mother wanted me to marry one (go figure).

Now, I went to the Doctor and amazingly my head is still attached to my shoulders. Granted, considering Kaiser you get a million follow up appointments I am lucky enough to say I am ok and my follow up is done and over with (yeah mini happy dance).

My best advice for when you need to deal with a fear is try it in little steps like picture you successfully finishing the exam at school, granted in your dream you may be sans clothes but you passed the test right ?

One trick I learned in speech class was when you have a fear of speaking to people in front, picture them all in giant pink bunny costumes complete with floppy ears, big feet and HUGE buck teeth it worked for me of course the audience didn't know that I was wearing a Grand Ball Gown complete with a diamond crown and scepter.

So Fear can be a funny little bunny :)

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