Thursday, January 24, 2013

Give Thanks! And Volunteer

Its that time where I tell you what you should be giving your money too. Yet, Time is just as valuable. The year after my car accident I logged nearly 500 volunteer hours from the San Francisco AIDS Walk and OneBrick to Sacred Heart and Lions Club. It was great that I was able to adjust my work hours and also make that transition from being full time work work to a community supporter.

I admit I even have fallen off the wagon so to speak I think my volunteer hours last year were about 4 hours total and that was to participate in a Wine trip! I encourage anyone looking for work to volunteer as much as possible because volunteering is an endless network.

While there are great organizations to volunteer for sometimes there is commitment issues ( trust I am still single too ). An easy way is to just give money instead of time but try a couple events you would like to volunteer at say like the Light the Night Walk or Avon 3 Day event, there is usually helpful information available.

Ok, for the readers of yore you know I am going to mention this group next but let's just say it is IMPOSSIBLE not to utilize this group for volunteering opportunities its just not possible because 1) its 100 percent volunteer run 2) its been in the gig for 10 years 3) I gladly donate to them !

Plain and Simple go there and Volunteer today and if you can't volunteer donate money to them/

Please .... oh and here is the low down on OneBrick from OneBrick

Mission Statement

One Brick provides support to local non-profit and community organizations by creating a unique, social and flexible volunteer environment for those interested in making a concrete difference in the community. We enable people to get involved, have an impact and have fun, without the requirements of individual long-term commitments.

About One Brick

Headquartered in San Francisco, California, One Brick is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that brings volunteers together to support other local non-profits by adopting an innovative twist to the volunteer experience: we create a friendly and social atmosphere around volunteering, and after each volunteer event -- which typically lasts only 3 to 4 hours -- we invite volunteers to gather at a local restaurant or café where they can get to know one another in a relaxed social setting.
Our 'commitment-free volunteering' allows you to choose when you volunteer, rather than having to make commitments for a certain number of volunteer hours, or agree to be available every week at a specific time.
One Brick's address is: 237 Kearney St #209, San Francisco, 94108

The Impact of One Brick

One Brick currently operates in the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Chicago, Washington DC., Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Seattle, Orlando, Silicon Valley, Boston, Detroit and Philadelphia.  The One Brick model has been hugely successful! Last year, One Brick volunteers contributed 50,000 hours (25 person years) to the communities we serve.
What makes us even more unique is that One Brick chapters are 100% volunteer-run! We have no employees...we don't even maintain offices! In fact, on a National level, One Brick has only one single employee, and two part-time employees who work from a home.
But we DO have a lot of dedicated volunteers who make it all happen. And we're always looking for more people like YOU to help!
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