Monday, January 14, 2013

Give Thanks ! Kaiser is a Nonprofit

You know the whole ordeal of going to see the Doctor meant that I HAD to get a mammogram. It wasn't really necessary but let's just say the Medical Assistant was going to follow me as I exited out the Doctors office.

So I did get the Mammogram.

Once in a while I like Kaiser and for all their overly personalized stuff getting a small note in the mail that my mammogram came back negative for breast cancer was something that well I had to share with complete strangers, the Google Spam bot and some kid in Russia who has some backlink to my blog.

To say the least when I send in my payment to my boyfriend, the IRS, I might a note to let him/her know this news too.

If you think I am joking I took the note I got from Kaiser and on the way to work I showed it to absolutely complete strangers that is how happy I was. I even posted it on my Twitter feed.

So I had to share the news because you because it is another reminder to Give Thanks.

Did you know Kaiser was a nonprofit. Yes, a nonprofit but let's get to the links shall we because sharing is caring even if its Too Much Information ( so to speak )

Please check out my birthstate Communities Foundation of Texas there is many programs for the young and old alike.

Next Check out how New York does it with the ToLife nonprofit because life is still worth it even if you do get a diagnose

To be honest yes I knew there was a possibility of a different outcome so I did some research for financial help to deal with the fallout and found Pink Heart Funds  which Mission Statement reads simply :To inspire,  encourage, and restore hope for persons affected by cancer and hair loss disorders.

So yes, please donate if you can and yes walk if you can but most of all be grateful for your family, friends and health even on the bad days too. 
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