Sunday, January 6, 2013

Give Thanks!

Granted, I adore Jamal at UnaMas in Campbell he has been a resource and a guidance counselor and a referral for me for the past ten years. If you find yourself hungry and near Bascom and Hamilton please stop into UnaMas it is really good food.

Jamal is another reason for this article Give Thanks! For many years Jamal worked with local agencies to help people with disabilities learn job skills and be better prepared to go out in the world better than before when they got aged out of the system that became home for them.

Some of the organizations that do such work are below and I would appreciate it if you consider donating to them if just to prove making a difference is more than giving money.

First up check out Pacific Autism Center for Education this organization does an amazing job with resources that help many many people in the community and business world.

Next, do you want a new bike check out HOPE Services Bike Sales on Friday. I was originally going to donate my Red Rocket to them but instead I bought a bike and hope you will too or maybe check out the great opportunities to clean your closets and donate your goods!

The Mid Peninsula Boys and Girls Club does a lot work and a lot of good

I think just as I have gotten use to hot coffee in under three minutes or less I have lost some of my own attention skills. Check out CHADD a group that help many and has good resources.
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