Saturday, January 26, 2013

Housing : Why I don't have a dog

I am pretty much going to spend this year whining about the fact I do not have a dog. Its true I am deeply despondent so much so I walk up to complete strangers and beg them to let me play with their dogs. I constantly will speak first to a dog then the owner and this is why people think I am strange.

Equally, it is really hard to live in a house where other people have a dog because all I wanna do is play with said dog a lot.

So you know I need a new pied a terr and I want a dog. I might as well start living on the street because it is ridiculous to get a place that will let you have a dog that is bigger than a teacup poodle. I am sorry I am a big dog person I mean Pierce was easily 120lbs where Peanut topped off at 65lbs. Then I am perplexed by the restrictions and behavior modification the HOA demands even before the first months deposit is cold.

So I figured I would get a bird like a parakeet. I just think I need two or three. So I finally decided on a Gund :)

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