Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kick It on Kickstarter

You know that Twitter is actually a microblogging platform and not just a website to stalk popular people - trust me I was surprised to find that out as well. So, last year I got a little dismayed in my giving away money to nonprofit organizations I was finding my donations of $25 not being a very good ROI as I just got twice as many requests to donate more money when I donated in the first place because the requests made me feel so guilty for not donating to them ( its a vicious circle ). I did my research on a variety of nonprofit and remembered my boss gave us Kiva cards so I donate there and really it is kinda cool to help someone in a far off land milk goats ( flame me if you must but there is a goat herder on Kiva just look for yourself ). Then I remembered Kickstarter and well its really cool to see projects that are well here you go

Oso Pepper Company which is actually done by one of my neighbors which is kinda cool.

Check out Rachel and her Sunflower Paper Project which is cool given the fact that she is making a product that I would use or be happy to use.

As you may have read in previous posts I had a great parakeet while I lived in Malaga named Killer so you can imagine my joy to find 2 Many Parakeets on Kickstarter and later on Amazon

Now you may have started to play Settlers of Catan a couple of New Year's ago out of boredom and need for company but now you are completely obsessed and need your own set if you don't have one already well I can honestly say that Hexels is the board to have

On Kickstarter you can find projects from any place like in Austin  or something as amazing to make it safe to go outside and play in Kabul 

There is something for everyone and trust me you want to see the fruition of these products.

Now here is my disclaimer : I still believe in many many nonprofits it is just very very incredibly frustrating when I donate that after my Thank you has been received I would receive over a dozen more emails and requests that my inbox looks like my spam box. I have unsubscribed and changed my settings so many times that I feel guilty for asking them to stop emailing me but the constant barrage of requests made me feel intruded upon. While that egalitarian point of view is repulsive to some I do promote both conscious donations and carefree ones. Maybe I am trying to be moral ambiguous but the reality is that nonprofits do help many I just don't have millions of dollars to make them help more.

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