Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Let's Grab a Bite To Eat

I do like to cook and I think I have caught my father's idea of opening restaurant and serving up Salmon Balls on Fridays. ( See! Family members I totally know this stuff ). I do eat out a lot in part because as I am walking I get the smells and sights of some amazing dishes. While I'd love for you to come to my abode and we spend Game Day noshing on Nature Box goodies I will actually be over at Jamal's place in Campbell at UnaMas live blogging and tweeting because if the aliens do invade during the football game you will want to at UnaMas.

In the interim I have a few select places to meet Mr. Right (Now) and grab some nutritional substance.

If you like other places than UnaMas then Taqueria Al Pastor  where they now have opened up the space so you can eat family style and trust me the more chips the better because their salsa is devine.

On most Friday nights after work you can find me at Poor House Bistro  enjoying a TurboDog and something really good or really bad like the bread pudding with praline sauce. Trust me that Bread Pudding is the best birthday cake that will make you want a lot more.

Next, feeling blue you gotta go home but sometimes home is really far away so make your way over to LB Steak and get some Macaroni and Cheese that is delectable and good.

Need some fish oh man lets head over to my family favorite Stagnaros in Santa Cruz where one day I spent up on the deck with a pelican for a dinning mate and enjoyed the family favorite of oysters, clam chowder with french fries.

Yet, if I need to impress anyone I might head up to a cute table inside the Nordstrom that is the Nordstrom Bistro while if that is too pedestrain we can always go to Neiman Marcus for something to tied us over.

Of course, if it is really a true date then I would have to head over to Grapevine for some wine to make it thru the night

So let's go!

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