Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Let's ride the bus!

While I do walk (a LOT!) I can not walk seventeen (17) miles to work so I take the happy go lucky VTA. I usually take a maximum of four (4) bus routes a day but sometimes I can cut it down to two (2!). While there has been the rare time that I was the lonely one (1) bus rider to get to said workplace. I think there has to be  a new way to get people to take the bus aside from skyrocket gas prices to four dollars and thirty six cents ( $4.36) a gallon.

It was the other night on the last route sixty-three (63) did the idea occur to me.


Yes, if you ride the bus you are eligible to receive a gift bag.

Have a crazy person start a conversation with you? You are entered in a drawing for a free month long bus pass.

Does your bus smell like piss? You get a free bottle of Airwick air freshner in Fresh Cotton or Lavender.

Upon departing you can select your trinket gift from the children's toy chest (please take only one ).

Is it raining and the floor is slippery? You win a clear Poncho and a fresh newspaper!

Granted, these are really great ideas, but unfortunately the VTA is a nonprofit organization that is having some money troubles ( really one ride is only two dollars -$2-you can go thirty miles -30-from Gilroy to San Jose to Palo Alto a total of fifty -50- miles ) I doubt that drivers giving away gift bags are going to happen anytime soon.


I have a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card to the winner who leaves the comment about how many total miles I mentioned today in this blog post today. ( here is a hint I have to go to work and get home from work )

So leave a comment and the number ( see I even typed it out for you! )

Thanks for riding...reading! :)

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