Friday, January 11, 2013

Liquid Love : Wine is good company

Wine is probably the one true vice I have so when I don't partake indulging myself I think I should be a saint. Granted, wine is bad to some people but for me my journey started at the other end. The other end of the wine as in the grape, dirt, and farm that produces said liquid love. I was actually working on a winery property when I met a winemaker who explained to me the great journey that makes wine taste and smell and well let's just say legs lots of legs are in wine. It was that experience that gave me the bravado to apply to work at a wine store when I moved back to California. There a proper italian family taught me the world of wine and made me really horrible because my tongue got spoilt on an amazing grape called Charbono. Charbono is like a meaty steak that is expertly prepared and served up in the most honorable of fashion at Guy Savoy.

Now I don't dare just drink wine when I am doing laundry and watching Hulu, but I do anyway. I try to be dressed for the occasion preferably silk house dress. There are words that describe what a wine tastes like but have you really tried to sit and taste all the wine you want? No, good because I just ended up getting snookered.

Rockabilly Girl by Bernie Dexter**Ruby Dark Tea Room Wiggle Dress (Google Affiliate Ad)
I recommend a few events in which you find something to enjoy at a nice and comfortable environment plus you might just see me there too!

First off, you need to know your wine and that is why the J. Lohr Wine Series is so awesome because it is a monthly event that goes from description to actual wine varietal appreciation.

Next, you need to know California's Grape the Zinfandel while there is some French and Italian claims to be acknowledged you need to understand Zinfandel is amazing from cheese to dessert you can enjoy a different Zinfandel with each course or load of laundry. the Zinfandel Advocates and Producers help you learn with an annual festival that is ZAP so you must go.

Another terroir that is sorely overlooked is the South Bay Bay area not just Gilroy and Morgan Hill but the actual grape growers in Salinas. If you heart is up for it join in the River Road Wine Trail  for their Passport because nothing says California wine like a road trip.

Enjoy wine but first you must learn !

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