Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Love Right Around the Corner : Family

It was after the Christmas holiday as I realized everyone was at Starbucks so I must go there too. I wanted a bagel too and it was to be a big bagel with a little bit of smear not so much I could feed a small village with it. I went back and forth I ordered my coffee and went to pickup my bagel but not without witnessing a 49er clad bunch of people that looked like each other. Now I am all for family traditions and while some members are definitely the functional part of dysfunctional family you could see this family was all fun and dysfunctional at the same time. I mean really they were decked out in Game Day wear from head to toe including the dog too.

What caught my eye was I nearly bowled over into the one person of the family who is probably the shyest of the bunch we'll call her the Gopher because she was tasked with the goal of getting Starbucks for the family in tow. Quiet and with her football baseball cap pulled down so she didn't have to look up we nearly hit one another but her Sorry was so mute I worried I was going deaf as I passed on without further thought of getting my nicely hot bagel and returning for what seemed a lifetime to wait for coffee is when I saw her again-the Gopher-

I took my spot waiting for my drink when her mother figure decked out in a very stylish assemble sporting her team colors not once but three times told the rather annoyed Gopher her drink order and to make sure it was hot and oh they were running late but they needed the coffee.

Let me stop was pretty obvious they were going to a home game secondly this Starbucks is located a good 90 miles away from the stadium and there is probably if not more than 50,000 Starbucks on the way there why they came to this one is mute but still really people plan out your activities.

Back to the whole Love Right Around the Corner Gopher apparently got a new phone and on this phone is the Starbucks app that allows her to pay for it but as she made her order via her phone and paid for it with her phone ( She didn't even talk to the cashier I nearly wondered for a minute if she was the one who was deaf ) she was more and more annoyed with family members who kept coming in and reminding her their orders.

Yet, when her sibling arrived you could see the endearment and well relief and sibling adoration because the other sibling knew maybe all too well that the task of getting coffee for their brood should be left to trained Sherpas from the Himalayas. At least today it was out of love for one another that family survived the task of getting coffee because trust me if it was any other day I would have called CPS myself.

So the term famila love makes sense even if its near silence is louder than say the six year old crying for a snowman cookie.
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