Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Love Right Around The Corner : Sandwiches

So, there I was doing some last minute browsing in a retail store looking for place card holders when what do I hear the exasperated voice of a handsome man on the phone with his significant other telling her that they were going to go have dinner that afternoon and that he wouldn't be able to buy her a fancy sandwich even if its lunchtime. The call was pretty clear and his voice was getting very loud but all I could was smile. He has a significant other a wife a kid someone who wants him to be there and apparently purchase a sandwich for them. Yes, he had a valid argument but it didn't stop when he said later she called back not more than a minute later where I finally got a glimpse of this man who breathlessly stated after the first call ended she was crazy. He stood in the aisle not crammed with people but still he stated "do you know how busy it is here at the Mall its packed with people" I ducked inbetween the aisles as if to contain my smile as I giggled the store wasn't packed and really the lines weren't that long but finally did I hear him say "fine I will get you a sandwich"to that ending the telephone conversation I watched as he stormed out of the store and to the sandwich store to claim the deliciousness his precious so desperately needed.

Basically this is an example of Love for whatever end. One party wanted something perceived the need to ask the other party to retrieve it in this case a sandwich but when you think about it there are two other versions of this tale. One version could be the other party is using the one party to point of power play in making them go get a sandwich for them a kind of trivial item considering it was the holidays and the man did state there was food in the refrigerator but was countered with that is food for the Christmas dinner. The second version could be that the man is trying to get some time away from his significant other to no avail maybe he was going to buy her some towels or perfume but alas he was foiled. While he did state she was crazy in an exasperated tone I suspect that he was one of the thousands of people who waited until the last minute to go christmas shopping.

So for those looking for love be careful what you wish for because one day a Sandwich could mean something very different.
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