Monday, January 28, 2013

Music to your ears

As many know I am fond of the Rolling Stones courtesy of my older sister whom blasted their music thru the walls of my childhood home. Did you know that the Rolling Stones started out as a Blues band? Yeah, they did.

My music tastes have changed and while I will listen to a Taylor Swift song every once in a while, yes I did also check out the dubstep scene and don't even tell me about the Maroon 5 and Train songs that are diabetic because of the amount of pop in them because sometimes I just listen to listen to music.

I got a Pandora subscription ( this is a STEAL at $36 a year ) and now listen not only to Jimmy Buffett Holiday songs but to Alex Clare to even apparently a Leonard Nimoy song which to say the least didn't make me change the channel but I considered my subscription as something more than a gift.

Its been 50 yeas of Rolling Stones...can't wait for the next 50 :)

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