Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Significant Other : I have got issues

While I know a lot of women who complain about their men I think its fair to say I get the silent treatment from my man because of some other items. You see my significant other is jealous. Yes, the Government Agency that takes my money is jealous because I give the rest of my money to another entity too...My Nook because I love getting new magazine and newspaper issues to the point I nearly wiped out its memory. I love Wired and Sunset and Bon Appetit along with dozens more to the point I could waste a whole day at work just reading them ( honestly didn't happen - I swear it boss! ).

My nook is my constant companion and back up when the IRS forgets to show up for Saturday night dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant Tigelleria and I carry my nook even when I go on bike rides on Los Gatos Creek Trail courtesy of Tread where I go to the Whole Foods  and find some goodies to nosh on at an not so impromptu picnic at Vasona

Really, some partners like to eat cookies in bed and while I could be considered bad I read my Nook in bed  but then again cookies that are good enough for bed should be savoured.

While I have already reassured My Significant Other that he's my only Valentine  complete with my monthly payment I am not so sure I am ever going to give up on my Nook he's just like a Pooh Bear 

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