Friday, January 18, 2013

NatureBox - its good

As much as I am selfish and all about me ( its because I don't have kids ) that I forget other people ( usually people with kids ) do not know the totally cool stuff out there to be had and found and tried.

Honestly, how do you NOT know about NatureBox. Ok for those whom remember my love affair with the Fruit Guys, Devils Canyon Brewery, Five Mountains Tea and APAN Wine you know I know that the Bay Area has some of the most coolest make your own than say Ohio comedians ( see Drew Carey ).

Let's get to the deal straight away you know the Super Bowl is coming up and the greatest thing about the Super Bowl is fat laden food with cheese and beer. NatureBox sees the need and helps you combat the bulge so to speak with an AWESOME deal for $24.95. Yes, $24.95 you can feed the neighborhood or your coworkers for the Super Bowl with enough goodies to feed up to 24 people you'll go Nuts over this ! Did I mention FREE SHIPPING! Yes, this is an awesome deal and I hope you will partake because if you are so inclined to get a monthly box of GOODIES then you can see the really cool boxes arrive for just $19.95 ( excuse me but I may read like a sales person but the reality is I believe in the product.) a month and you know that is a whole lot cheaper than your wireless bill.

So you are thinking, " Ok, Patricia, what's the catch, why are YOU one of the most cynical people tooting the horn about NatureBox " Well I would be lying if I didn't say I didn't have an ulterior motive. You see I called up NatureBox and I talked to this seriously cute guy and well I may not wanna have kids but I hear the practicing is fun. My only hope is that he is single and available because I did find out NatureBox is in San Carlos just a hop skip away from my favourite brewery Devils' Canyon where all the men are married (sad face ).

Now yes, I completely understand there are people who regard nuts and nature stuff as bad especially for those with allergies to nuts so NatureBox may seem a bad idea but WAIT NO WAY JOSE! First off, I have already mention the Fruit Guys ( they are married too or just aren't interested in me :( ] who can tied you over for a few weeks as NatureBox is working on a box JUST FOR YOU! Yes, you can hate nuts all you want but the cute guy at NatureBox knows his stuff and he really does sound super cute and he'll explain to you the new Nuts free NatureBox which is going to be SUPER COOL Too!


NatureBox - It is good!
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