Monday, January 7, 2013

That whole Zombie Apocolypse thing

Not too long ago I really was scared by the fact there were these bioengineers in their garage splicing DNA thus the whole zombie thing would start but after reading World War Z and trying not to take Warm Bodies seriously I realized there is a much far more inferior fear to have

of robots.

For as long as MIT fits the need there are robots and trust me they have been doing this for a long time, no seriously like decades  which is fine for a pillar of technology ( fyi MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology ) so after making a few light sabers what else are you going to do but build a robot named Nexi that will become our overlord  because being President means you just get blamed for stuff.

Another reason I gave up on the whole Zombie apocolypse ( not just because that book was written in 2006) was this book called Red Harvest  written by Joe Schreiber who well made me sad. I think Star Wars was the last frontier to go into Zombie phase.

Seriously Star Wars jumps the Zombie Shark AFTER Star Trek? Nah not like there hasn't been a successful reboot of the series and Star Trek is now on Hulu I mean the only thing more corny is to base a whole reboot on a time warp continuum.

Plus, I mean I really don't think the Roomba wants to deal with dirt any longer than it has to till they unite and take over the world

( editor's note yes I know there are Star Wars and Star Trek references crossover )

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