Friday, January 4, 2013

What's Up? Things you need to be aware of

I really do try to be helpful though lately I admit I have been very selfish I mean I did only give away one bag of clothes to Goodwill when I could have easily given away two plus I saw a Doctor and a married one at that and it wasn't romantic at all.

In my vain attempts to get the IRS jealous I have to tell you what's up on where to go and to get out of the house because nothing makes a government agency more green eyed then when you go outside and have fun even if you are just getting a Pap Smear.

If you have children or just want to be a kid yourself head over to the Museum of American Heritage for their Annual Lego Holiday  EXTRAVAGANZA there is more to see and do here than any 6 year old could want and trust me the fact its a nonprofit go ahead and become a member you are helping thousands learn to love legos which can only lead to world peace. The extravaganza runs till Monday Jan 7th so go catch it this weekend !

I adore Yelp and Yelp Community Manager Abby is partnering with Second Harvest Food Bank next Wednesday January 9th from 6-8Pm to help sort food at the Food Bank location on N. 1st Street find out more here at YelpHelp

If you do not have to plan a company party and be at the Capital Club by 5PM after you are at the hairdresser or trying to find the perfect top then I suggest spend the day at the 2013 Pet Expo and find Fido, Fluffy or Fishy something new or get one for yourself on Saturday Jan 12th as I already have plans.

If you have not seen the Silicon Valley Roller Girls then you haven't seen real women power. Check out the SVRoller Girls and grab an awesome deal for a season pass so no more excuses for staying home waiting for that guy to call go out and watch the action or just get in 15 minutes early. By the way they are holding Tryouts too

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