Sunday, January 20, 2013

Work like you mean it

I am constantly amazed at the resources available to people looking for work. One thing I promised when I got a job after the recession ( it wasn't Great so I refuse to call it that ) was to help others find jobs and get employed.

Now, I admit that is a lofty goal to have because remember I am already busy at work and on the weekends and walking (I do a lot but THANKS to those whom drive me home every once in a while ). I still some time to find out what's what and where's who to meet and greet helping others get a job.

Before I step on anyones toes I think there has to be the caveat with me. I WANT to work and when I try to help others I find more and more they would LIKE to work. There might as well be the Grand Canyon size difference between us. Yes, its hard to work Monday thru Friday or Thursday to Tuesday from Midnight to 4PM or 10AM to 10PM but the reality is that California is an ATWILL work state and that is means sometimes you really have to the will to make your way. Always remember your job is a privilege to work for someone not a forgone right.

Now to those resources

First up,  you have to network and while its horrible awful to stand around a place and try to make small talk you have to do it. An simple way to do that is with Kristy Rogers Connects who has events monthlong that are more personable and easier than say the dentist chair. This Friday she is doing Friends Over Lunch a great way for just $40 to meet and eat and get to know your next employer or connector.

Next, online resources abound but if you are an person who likes being an Office Manager or Executive Admin here are a couple of MUST have online sites to check daily. All Things Admin helps you get training, organized and better than anything FREE Templates to help you get started. Next, you need to head over to RED CAPE and I am not talking about Little Red Riding Hood; I am talking about training webinars from Excel   to quickly making any document look professional with Vickie Evans . Next up, I have been attending a couple Free Webinars with a great Victoria and her team that are putting on a great mid week event in February at Disneyland! 
Behind Every Leader is also where you will find a lot of information and why I think this and others "admin" resources matter because think about it for a minute. What skills does an EA or a PA need to have that would translate to other careers.
Take a minute ...I will watch some paint dry.
Ok, figured it out? No, well here are a few skills that an EA has that transfers to much more glamorous careers.

  • Organized: any EA worth their weight will be organized enough to succinctly deliver products so whether you are putting together a party for 55 or trying to figure out what time a meeting should occur you need to be organized enough to figure it out. 
  • Computer Programs  : EA's have to deal with multiple levels of technology. From mobile phones to travel software programs. If its something a CEO uses we know about it first (its also why I read Wired and CNET ) 
  • Resources  : I am always amazed when I could be having the WORST day ever I know exactly who to call when I need transportation or have a party, or reserve a dinner. I don't have a rolodex because if I did I know it be stolen ! 
Being Organized with enmass of Computer Programs and Resources enables anyone to go out and become a great Sales person or maybe an Marketing Guru. Having these traits drilled in after years supporting executives regardless of temperament I have my background and I am confident enough to share it with others ( are you? ). 

Sure you could say "Gee aren't you an extrovert" the best EA's I know are Introverts they are quietly working away at all hours of the night and trust me they know how to party way better than any extrovert I know why? Well its why what happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas. 

So like I said Work Like you MEAN IT 
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