Sunday, January 27, 2013

Zip right by you

I recently saw one of my former employers whom stated they were not surprised I was without a car and pounding the pavement again. I admit taking the carless route for nearly 7 years made me relish my ability to walk. Then I inherited a 1997 Red Saturn and for five years the roads became mine traveling to Sacramento to Paso Robles to Monterey to Santa Cruz to Albany to drop off Christmas presents at my sister's house. I tried to figure out why gas was so expensive to what was actually covered by my Geico Insurance. When the Red Rocket ran aground I memorialized it having it sit. It did sit for a very long time. When the engine revved to life I was off to Santa Cruz one last time just to check if the Pacific Ocean was still there.

Now, I don't have just one car as I walk but I do have an entire fleet of cars at my beck and call. Zipcar is the coolest thing in the world and yes they have recently teamed up with Avis. The reality is there is Audi's Hondas Fords all at my disposal for me to rent for a few hours of driving to an entire weekend.

180 miles in one day ..yeah I can do that. From getting comforters cleaned at the WashnDry to Wine tasting at Cave Wine Bar in Capitola to just driving over to Quicksilver Park for a hike up Cardiac Hill at the break of dawn.

So when you see me next may be on the street zipping right past you.

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