Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another Sign? 153 emails

I admit every once in a while I get busy and some things fall by the waist side but really nearly everything that happened was "another sign of the coming apocalypse" Yet, this real media outlet is saying anything about any signs or impending doom ( even if Snooki gets pregnant again ).

For me a sign that will send me into an tizzy is the amount of shows in my Hulu Queue and the number of emails awaiting my inbox.

Seriously, when I have to spend a full 72 hours of watching shows and another 48 hours answering emails I might as well go and build myself a bunker because that freaks me out.

Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous but I start to itch when I see more than 25 emails in my work inbox. I nearly pull my hair out when I glance at my boss' inbox and see 800+ emails unread.

I have been busy but not too busy that warrants hair loss.

Granted, I usually do my laundry with a glass of wine but I don't have that many dirty clothes.

So, I will get thru my emails and thanks sent out to variety of family members for reading...(you too Google spam bot ) but seriously 153 emails definitely must be a sign

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