Monday, February 11, 2013

BACON! its like french fries but its meat

I can be very frugal sometimes and recently for a company party I had the grandiose idea of having bacon wrapped filet mignons - this did not happen in part because I only got the bacon part so now I have about five packages of turkey bacon from Trader Joe's which means I might as well try the Atkins diet, right?

I have now had bacon and eggs, then I had frozen waffles, eggs, and bacon and now I am out of eggs and waffles so you know what else I received in my fridge... Guacamole and 5 layer dip.

YES I DID! I put bacon, a can of black beans, a can of red beans and a can of green beans all together with the Guacamole and 5 layer dip and it was DELICIOUS! The only thing missing was a football game but no mind baseball starts soon.

While my stomach may not appreciate my creativity I should let Emeril Lagasse on notice becase BAM! has a whole new meaning.

Now that I am on some protein overload I think I should stipulate this is a one time kind of things but now I have a new appreciation for all things bacon like ...turkey bacon, chicken bacon, pork bacon...its serious.

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