Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Can you smell that? Its grass

I have really bad allergies to grass. No, really when my father gave me a horse in 1986 we discovered about a month later that I would have a stuffed up nose and breakout of hives. After one weekend on Monday morning my eyes were nearly welded shut and my arms looked like red leopard legs we went to the Doctor. Our biggest fear was that I would be allergic to pet dander but alas the fresh alfalfa and hay were the culprit thus I couldn't feed the horses like I had over the weekend.

Thus when I do smell something more grassy I check the calendar, lo and behold, its SPRING TRAINING!!!!

I am such a late bloomer to this whole watching baseball, drink a beer, eat a hot dog and watch a ball game but I guess it could be just par for the course. Remember I did get a horse not exactly america's pet du jour.

Now I can understand paying $17 for standing room only tickets but I would rather save a dollar or two and check out the minor league teams which can be a whole lot more fun!

This year there is the very special All Star Game at Municipal Stadium which should be more fun than say a rodeo  (* editors note Patricia will probably go to both )

What can I say looking at great guys in uniforms playing america's pasttime is just plain fun so check out the local teams minor league acts ..its impossible not to smile 

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