Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cooking ? Im just trying

I have found myself in the kitchen again which means I usually open a can of cranberry sauce and place it into a bowl and start Thanksgiving dinner ( or at least that is the one task I was allowed to do when I was younger.

So its Valentines Week ( oh yay! so says my IRS ) and there is so many ways to say you love your lovey dovey that you should cook for them and not just on Valentines day.

Don't want to go to a classroom where everyone will see you? Call Alyssa and Culinary Craftwork for an in home tutorial.

Are you getting married and want to save THOUSANDS on your wedding cake? Yeah I am not getting married but if I felt like it I would bake cakes all day thanks to The Cake Works I could learn to make a cake or souffle now if I can just find a man?

Did you plant a garden in your backyard? I bet you have a lot of kale, tomatoes, carrots, radishes, and corn. Guess what you have to cook that garden eventually because getting a goat will only get the goat fat. So you must try Healthy Kitchen Cooking because sustainable cooking is the best kind

Honestly, my mom taught me nothing about cooking except to save the bacon fat from Sunday mornings breakfast ( bacon fat is a salve for dull food or liver ) but my dad taught me to barbeque which I have to say is fabulous to know when you are 7 years old. But Cucina Bambini is a whole world of cooking that will help you and children learn something new because cooking can help you understand math, science, and don't forget english because it is only in a recipe that you will learn about abbreviations properly.

Granted, you can always get your dinner catered but what's fun is the kitchen is a huge aphrodisiac
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