Thursday, February 28, 2013

Doing Laundry without wine isn't worth doing...

Unless you are flying to Las Vegas on Saturday morning with me. So, I have to sort what clothes to wear and shoes to carry and underwear.

It is all very exciting and yet I have nightmares I am not going to be there. I haven't slept for weeks and I pray I can maintain some kind of normalcy without resorting to excessive overdose of Chamomile tea and borrow some strangers Xanax supply.

As I type this I am testing out my Tmobile hotspot and its not working and its causing me to pull strands of my hair out.

I am going to distract myself from total baldness with sharing some things to do in Las Vegas

Go to Jubilee or the backstage


Seeing "Jubilee!" on stage at Bally's is one thing, but experiencing the "Jubilee!" All Access Backstage Walking Tour provides a whole different perspective on the show.
Since 1981, "Jubilee!" has dazzled visitors from all over the world. One of the Las Vegas Strip's longest-running productions, "Jubilee!" has proved to be more than just a topless show. People also come to see the stunning costumes, remarkable headdresses and lively dance routines. From a spectacular Samson and Delilah number to a dramatic Titanic scene, "Jubilee!" captures the nostalgia of old Las Vegas shows. 
To gain true appreciation for "Jubilee!," the backstage tour is your golden ticket. Hosted by one of the show's charismatic cast members, a "Jubilee!" dancer takes guests on an in-depth look at costumes, props, headdresses and much more. 
"It gives a good insight about the costumes and the amount of work that's put in making up a show like "Jubilee!," said dancer Paula Allen, who has been with the show for 11 years. "We make it look so easy on stage, but it really is a production to keep it going. It involves so many people." 
Before heading backstage, the dancer gives a brief history of the show, including humorous personal experiences. Allen, who started out as a bluebell (covered) dancer, didn't dance topless right away. While going semi-nude may be a bit intimidating, Allen said there was something more fearful than that. 
"First time I was topless was on the chandelier in the finale," said Allen. "I'm afraid of heights [so] being topless was not an issue!" 
Funny mishaps can also happen during a show. Sometimes a dancer's heel can get stuck between elevator gaps on stage. "Anything can happen," said Allen. "Maybe a wig can be ripped off. It's happened to me!" 

For those who want to take romance to another level, the Eiffel Tower Experience at the Paris Las Vegas captures this vibe perfectly.
Love is in the air -- literally. For the ultimate romantic setting, there's no need to travel across the globe to capture that feeling.
"At nighttime, it's very romantic," said Melissa Drumheller, manager of the Eiffel Tower Experience.
Located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, visitors can catch great views nearly 50 stories above the ground. From the observation deck, which stands at 460 feet, guests are able to see the entire valley. And while the Eiffel Tower is a popular romantic destination, all types of guests come and see this attraction.
"It runs the gamut," Drumheller said. "We have people who traveled all over the world."
The Eiffel Tower replica is about half the size of the original in France. While these two vary in height, there are many similarities between them. Both have an enclosed observation deck for safety as well as a glass elevator to admire the stunning vistas on the way to the top.
But in Las Vegas, visitors can enjoy the vibrant lights as well as awe-inspiring views of the city's international airport.
"From here, you can see planes taking off," Drumheller said. "It's amazing."
Guests can also catch a glimpse of the city's natural beauty.
"During the day, you get a view of all these mountains," said Drumheller. "It's a phenomenal view."
And during the holidays, the Eiffel Tower's observation deck offers a different perspective right in the middle of the excitement.
"New Year's Eve up here is quite spectacular," said Drumheller. "People can get a bird's-eye view and watch the fireworks. You see thousands of people on the street."
The Eiffel Tower offers small square openings throughout the enclosure for perfect picture taking. For a quieter, more intimate experience without sacrificing the view, guests can dine in elegance at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant on the 11th floor. But be sure to plan ahead; the restaurant is available by reservation only.

Visit one of the sweetest retail-entertainment attractions found on the Vegas Strip. This 28,000 square foot, four-level monument to the colorful fun of M&M’s® Brand candies is simply M’azing. Create your very own personalized M&M’s® at our one-of-a-kind Personalized Printer machine! The guests can create and print personalized messages and popular Las Vegas icons on M&M’S® Chocolate Candies on demand, on location. 
Whether you want to print your name, a special message, or choose from 14 unique Las Vegas icons to simply take home a little taste of Las Vegas, the possibilities are endless with this new hands-on, interactive experience located. 
The Personalized Printer offers an array of 16 vibrant colors as well as 14 printable Las Vegas icons such as the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign, a deck of cards, wedding bells, champagne and more. Additionally, guests can personalize M&M’S with their names, a special message or date, or any other text that fits on two lines (eight characters per line). The process is easy and quick – it takes about two minutes to create a small moment of joy. 
Feeling the need for speed? Race over to our full-sized 18 NASCAR® and pick up the hottest M&M’s® Racing merchandise featuring Las Vegas’ own, Kyle Busch. 
We even have a free 3-D movie, “I Lost My ‘M’ in Vegas,” starring Red and Yellow that shows daily. Critics give the overall experience at M&M’s® World® Las Vegas two thumbs up!

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