Monday, February 4, 2013

Housing : 1.2 million dollars per square foot

I have been trying to find a place. Really I have and its becoming increasingly clear to me that living in Silicon Valley is great if you developed an app and it was purchased for 1 Gazillion dollars.

Instead I don't know any coding beyond the c prompt so I still try to work and live in a place that is increasingly hard to do so.

Its also the start of the real estate season here and the homes on my walk to work are going up for sale which is giving me some insight to how one part of Santa Clara County is priced against another part.

A nice home of on a plot size 7100 is selling for 1.1 million dollars so thats what $1500 per square foot? Give or take the one car garage?

Next this house ALWAYS goes up for sale every Spring I don't know what is wrong with it or if its some weird scheme by real estate people to find buyers but I can tell you this it has ( and I do mean this home has ) Pink Italian Marble from Italy..really it does have it I have seen it and the gem is selling for ONLY 2.5 million dollars and sits on a plot of 7500 square feet so thats what $3300 per square foot?

Thus I looked at Studio apartments EVERYWHERE so I found a 2nd Floor studio at $2.78/per square feet but that is SUCH the bargain where in Sunnyvale I can get 275 square feet for $1475 !!! So I found one that is in a great community with dogs for just $800 the only would extend my commute a bit much.

So I will keep looking but I now see that the square feet price point is easily over $2 so figure anyplace with 600 feet is $1200 ...yikes...that must make silicon valley seem like 1.2 million per square feet.
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