Monday, February 25, 2013

I read Sunset Magazine ...and I critique too

As some of you know my Nook is part of my everyday life as I have an engaging war over Monopoly game with the computer ( I swear it cheats! ). Equally, I read a lot of magazines to a point that it effects if I have money for the bus or not.

One of the magazines I do read is Sunset magazine. Now my obsession with Sunset is courtesy of my mother plunking down $3 at the grocery store to get said magazine and yet we never got a subscription she would either patiently wait until the weekly grocery shopping trip with Dad and then somewhere from the start of the grocery line to the actual check out a magazine would appear. I think the only magazine my mother actually did subscribe to was Gourmet and trust me that was worth it. Once the bags of grocery were put away and my father had his glass of ice tea and some sporting event was on my mother would quietly take the magazine and read with all the background noise going on she would be zen like.

Don't think for one minute my mother did not want to make Beef sauted in an wine reduction Sunset magazine twenty years ago was a different beast all together as most of the recipes included churned butter from Cow's milk and...this is totally shocking ...SALT.

Today's digital version of Sunset Magazine is really way different as there are usually one or two pages just with 30 word descriptions and a webaddress.

Its those web addresses I check out because you know that the purveyor of said "homemade" ice cream had some inkling of the publication and yet when I went to their website it was like going back to 1999. Now granted some people just don't have time to upkeep their website because they are SO busy ( myself included ) but then again I don't know of any articles coming out directing people to my so called website.

Now there are some really great websites and some really bad websites and I tweet each with equal disdain for the blantant commercialization that has become Sunset magazine.

Granted those who can't make their own homemade chicken broth tend to become critics...I just do it in a 140 characters so it doesn't sting so to speak.

All in all its something to learn and do if you wanna follow me on my randomness @appelquistP is my tweet..yes its protected because 58 followers are not all government spies :)
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