Saturday, February 23, 2013

If I had a child

For the record I don't have a child but I realized today that if I had a child when I was say 18 he or she would be 21 years old.

That is kinda scary to me.

Then again if I waited a few more years to have a child, my son or daughter would be graduating high school.

Very Scary ....I can't even afford college for myself

Say if I waited until my 30's my child would be going into say middle school

Today most kids in said middle school need a tablet ...I barely afford my Nook.

Granted, I would be totally on welfare, living in Section 8 housing and probably some odd student loan.

Alas, Nope I decided to stop the whole cycle of procreation and save the world without contributing a new voice to it.

Do I wish I had a child...not really as the other night on the bus I met Knowledge, Yes, the little boys name was Knowledge and his mother repeated it like he might actually forget he was named after a noun. Trust me the dear birth mother isn't getting any smarter with her child but the whole scene was a distinct reminder for me that while I don't have a child I would most likely be taking a bus and well...I am not a superhero as i can barely stand other people's children I would probably fear my own.

Yes, my nephews would have a cousin, yeah...I could relate more to other mothers and yes being able to park in handicap spaces for 9 months does sound appealing.

But trust me ...if I had a child it be a WAY different blog!
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