Thursday, February 7, 2013

Learning is Fun especially if you want to

I think I have gone blue in the face about this but I will be honest there are a lot of resources out there and I have already mentioned Behind Every Leader and All Things Admin so you have to understand I am a bit exhausted when I have to repeat myself over and over but let's just say for argument sake I do it because I like the sound of my own voice ( btw I don't ).

Here are a few places for you to go to get learn something new which is pretty awesome

You know how you put on your resume that you are advance skill of Microsoft Office well you can back that up with a certificate from Microsoft ( plus you get street cred ). Microsoft does have training and certifications available that are worthwhile

Don't fret if you don't know Apple stuff there is training for that too! V2 Consulting does it :)

Not very surprisingly but there is Wine Certificates available at Sonoma University...I am thinking about it ...kinda saving for it :) Then again there are online courses with DeAnza that will help you learn a whole new language.

Speaking of language wanna write better National Seminars  does have some options.

But if you are really stuck for time and teachers go WAY too fast then maybe Youtube is where you should go because I learned a lot about excel there too.

Check out the Admin Universe Workshops and what you can learn :Skill – In this module we cover the most important elements of Star Achieving Techniques™ that will help you assess your current skill level and help you to identify areas for growth. .Attitude – What it takes to become a Star Achiever™, understanding the importance of having a good attitude and what is necessary to achieve and maintain a positive outlook and improved relationships with your boss and peers Team – Building a Star Partnership™ will explore ideas that will enable you to become a good team player by improving your communications skills with better understanding of what exactly your manager’s expectations and perceptions are.Strategy – Reaching Stardom™ will help you navigate your career through goal setting and techniques for getting your talents recognized at work.
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