Saturday, February 9, 2013

Liquid Love : Finding out something about wine

Yes, I devour wine news, stats, and even cartoons about wine more than you know. It is very often I learn something about wine in a day to day life in part because I subscribe to SO MANY blogs, tweets, websites, and search engines in general.

You may be inspired or repulsed by the following but once you get hooked on know how the juice comes to be it is just fine by any other means.

I actually got to learn about it from the actual farming of wine and how important education plays in the fact the wine is a very much legal drug today. Yes, you can say wine isn't a drug but wine is fermented liquid that is alcohol that is addictive so to me wine is a drug as with anything you can abuse it. Take a step back and pay attention to the farming. Push out the recent commercialization of said act and put yourself on a semi rocky hillside with a good afternoon wind and you would be in Italy or Rome, now how in the world today is there enough land for a good wine crop to grow with over population and pollution? It is grape growers that are really starting to show how farming has been transformed and cultivated in the 21st Century. Ever hear of drought farming this practice has been done in Europe for years and years. From soil ( or terrior ) to bottle wine can make you very smart about a lot things and not just the fermented juice.

Ok on to the know whos and hows.

Satori Cellars change a lot of perceptions very quickly

Wine Opinions is a fun site to give your two cents so to speak

French Farm to Farm Festival is good but a TON of resources to learn from too

While politics doesn't have a lot sometimes Dr Vino is just the person to listen to or you could read a book about it in wine politics 

How to make it and you will learn too

Whatever you do decide about wine think about making a statement and support a local organization that is probably in your own back yard too ! Future Farmers
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